Because you want Success in 2021!


  • We give you the Insight for success 

  • Everyone has a different learning and prep style - we pay attention to this,  individualize the approach and offer a variety of options that work for everyone

  • Average pass rate of 86% on the exams for candidates who attended and completed all components of our course offerings

  • Current course material covers everything needed for success 

  • Practical and effective studying an exam writing and time management strategies and approaches

  • Multiple course and preparatory formats catering to different learning styles and professional backgrounds

  • Deepen your technical valuations knowledge, which is beneficial for both the exam and for your future as a professional valuator

  • Individualized marking and feedback available

  • Customized study solutions available for repeat writers

  • Ongoing coaching and support available through to the exam date

  • We are here to support you and ensure your success, and this doesn't end when your prep course is finished. 



MQE Insight is a preparatory course for candidates writing the Membership Qualification Exam (MQE), the national qualifying exam to obtain the Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation in Canada. The MQE is administered by the Chartered Business Valuators Institute (CICBV)*.

The MQE Insight course is developed and led by Melanie Russell, a former MQE medallist and is designed to equip writers with the tools and strategies for success on exam day.

*MQE Insight is not affiliated with the CBV Institute.

All sessions are recorded for your future review. 

Course Content


All of our course formats cover the following core components:


  • Understanding the structure and evaluation of the MQE

  • Developing an efficient, effective study plan

  • Review of the MQE Competence Framework 

  • Technical review 

  • Compressed "need to know" study notes

  • Effective writing strategies for structuring responses to exam questions

  • Developing frameworks for common and recurring topics

  • Practice marking and debriefing of prior year exams

  • Exam time management best practices

  • Current issues 

  • Sample responses


Live and/or Virtual/on-line Classroom Study
(Options in select Canadian cities as outlined in our course schedule):

  • Weekly sessions (8 weeks of evening sessions for 3 hours/week with individual marking and feedback on one prior MQE exam)

  • Weekend sessions (2 full days of classroom study)

Course Notes and Practice Exam Marking Keys


Our courses also come with a complete set of course notes which include technical review materials, review points/debriefing guides on past exams, and sample marking keys (for the 2001 to 2020 MQE exams) to assist candidates in marking and debriefing of practice exams. Everything needed for your success. 


Individual Exam Marking and Feedback


All guided self-study and weekly (8-session) courses include individual marking and feedback on one prior MQE exam.

For weekend courses, we are pleased to offer individual marking and feedback on one prior MQE exam for an additional fee of $400 + applicable taxes.

Guided Self-Study

  • Self-directed learning at your own pace (includes course notes, practice marking keys, 60 minutes of private exam prep counselling, and individual marking and feedback on one prior MQE exam)

  • Additional practice exams may be recommended to students based on progress during the summer (subject to an additional fee)

Repeat Writers’ Program
(For candidates who have been unsuccessful at previous MQE attempts)

  • Initial consultation to identify strengths and weaknesses of the individual

  • Design of a customized study program to focus in on key areas of concern

  • Individual study program may include combinations of practice exam writing, practice exams with marking/feedback, course instruction, or one-on-one coaching (on an as-needed basis)

  • Fees vary depending on the extent of the program designed


One-On-One Coaching


Supplemental one-on-one coaching is available upon request (subject to an additional fee).


"This class was perfect for me. There are no other CBV’s in my organization, so I did not have a support network to bounce questions off of. The class provided the structure in studying I lacked in my first attempt, and the knowledge Melanie has in technical requirements, as more importantly, exam and marking structure and history was critical to my success."

Johannes Vanderstam (2020 MQE)

"Thanks Melanie for your coaching and sharing your valuable insights with us during the weekly sessions. I was so impressed with the course structure and your training style, and I consider it as a huge contributor to my exam  success."

Kamalpreet Kaur (2020 MQE)


"I could pass because of your amazing course :) Thank you again for all your help and giving us feedback."

Hye-min (2020 MQE)

"En tant que candidat pour l’EQM de 2020, je recommande très fortement le cours préparatoire offert par l’équipe de MQE Insight. Le programme met la pratique et la correction à l’avant plan ce qui permet de tirer un maximum du temps d’étude!"


"As a 2020 MQE candidate, I definitely recommend the MQE Insight classes. Putting the practice and self retroaction at the center of the program really helps get the most out of your preparation time!"

Mathieu Barbeau (2020 MQE)

"I am happy to let you know that I was successful in the MQE this year.  This was my 3rd time writing and I definitely believe the structure of the online weekly classes were a major contributor to my success."

Jamie E. Arsenault, CPA, CA. (2018 MQE)

"The course was very insightful and you managed to pack a lot into 2 days.   I also appreciated your availability to answer questions long after the course was finished."

Daniel Wong (3rd place, 2016 MQE)


"The Thursday night classes kept me on track all summer and made studying less stressful. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!"

Jessica Potter, CBV (2016 MQE)


"MQE Insight was a critical component of my success in writing the MQE. The knowledge and experience of the facilitators is evident, and the constructive feedback obtained throughout the weekly sessions certainly enhanced my efficiency and gave me the fundamentals required to be successful."

Nathan Snowie, CBV (2015 MQE)